Automatic work with purchasers.
Purchasers, orders, and analytics in the same place.

Future comes today!

MixCart capabilities

for suppliers
Market Place

The first online market in Russia. All purchasers in Russia will see and order your products. If desired you can hide your products from common access.

Prices and catalogues

Create catalogues, regulate all prices at once and for definite purchasers. Fix discounts and make a promo for a purchaser, category or one product.


All communications and correspondence in the same place for each separate order. No human mistake factor or data loss.

Deals and sales

Do you need urgently sell a product? Create promo and put a limit for time and scope. All purchaser will see your offers.


Do you need large flow of new customers? Make mail distribution to all purchasers, place advertising banners. All purchasers will know about you.

Estimates and comments

Make your contribution to transparency. Give feedback about your partners, evaluate their work on its merits.


Deep analytics of all sales. Sales history: who purchases, what, how many and when. And analytics of work of your customer managers.

Participation in tenders

Purchasers make tenders, take part. Promote your products and win confidence.

Processing of orders

All ordered are processed online in the same place. You see orders of each purchaser and common scope of delivery for the selected date.

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